Jesus said,
“The mustard seed is smaller than all other seeds, but when full grown it is larger than the garden plants and becomes a tree…”
Matthew 13:31-32

Mustard Seed Babies’ Home

The Mustard Seed Babies’ Home in Hoima Uganda was founded in June 1994, by an Anglican Bishop from  Rwanda, then a priest living near Hoima, responding to the need for an orphanage that would serve children whose parents had died of AIDS.


Each Child at the Babies’ Home knows that they have been rescued… they know their stories. Many of them were found abandoned on roads, in empty buildings, in fields, (one by a farmer’s dog!) and most of them very sick and malnourished. The children all know that they have been saved by the Lord.


Presently, the Babies’Home can provide a loving refuge for sixty children with hopes of expanding to meet the ongoing orphan crisis in Uganda. The Babies’ Homae has been recognized as the best in the country and serves as a model for other orphanages.

With a renewed thrust of care and love through the individual child sponsorship programs and yearly short-term mission trips, hope is abounding at the Home!!! Schoolwork is improving; diet and health of the children are improving; children have more than one change of clothing; and the promise of a better future is in every heart!

Mustard Seed Project Africa


With a minimum monthly contribution of $33 you can sponsor a child. Your sponsorship will help clothe, feed, house, and educate a child. Because it costs much more to fully fund the expenses of a child at the Children’s Home, each child may have several sponsors.

Full Sponsorship: $198 per month
Partial Sponsorship: $33, $66, $99, $132, or $165 per month